Stones and stage

The Soulbury Millennium Green feature is a sculpture by Charles Luxton hewn from an Irish Limestone from Carlow. The two 12 ft pillars are set to face due south to make a sundial. The shaft of light which falls between the shadows created by the stones aligns with a marker which is set into the paving at 12 noon on 1st January each year.

The stage flooring in reclaimed York stone slabs, some up to 8 ins thick, which came from a dismantled mill near Manchester.

The sculptor Charles Luxton, and his father Michael, set these stones as well as the sculpture and laid the turf around the tiered amphitheatre.

Charles designed and made two simple but unusual benches to complete the setting. The whole project, which was finished in the early Spring 2000 was entirely financed by E.B. Bucks.